Dimensional Control and Recertification Lab

Duxaoil has his own laboratory for dimensional control, thread certification and attribute control equipment.

Through Mitutoyo and Gagemaker equipment, Duralitte guarantees an integral service for thread control and highly specialized measurements for:

  • Oil
  • Metalurgical
  • Nuclear
  • Auto Parts

Duxaoil also offers, a integral service of thread gages rectification and is Authorized Distributor for the Southern Cone of the leading companies Gagemaker and PMC Lonestar.

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MRP 5B Calculator

Gagemaker's MRP® 5B Calculator allows you to calculate ovality and standoff of your API 5B connections based on your crest diameter readings. Formulas and data comply with the Sixteenth Edition of API 5B.

Simply input the values from your inspection with an MRP® crest diameter and ovality gage and our calculator will provide you with the ovality and standoff, as well as inform you that these results meet the published requirements.

Available in Android version, IOS version coming soon.

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